Analytics & Insights. Strategic Business consulting. Strategic Workforce Planning. Remuneration & Design.

We help you  know who you need when and where, why people leave, why people stay, what motivates people’s best efforts and how we can tailor programs to reward them.  GMC’s goal is to help you achieve a more productive workforce through 360 degree approach that includes HR Analytics. 

Whether you have a specific issue that you need to understand and address now, or you want to look to the future to ensure that your business is one step ahead of the twists and turns, GMC can help ensure you are best placed to deliver your business objectives and give you that competitive edge.

Strategic Business Consulting


Provides clients with advice on the HR programs, organisational structures, and transformation initiatives for the best use of the workforce.

  • Review of the required business objectives compared to the HR strategy and programs in place
  • Analysis of comprehensive organisation and management data to understand areas for improvement in the utilisation of the workforce
  • Design of HR initiatives such as organisational design reforms, restructures and new HR programs
  • Assist organization in change management and culture creation and revival.

Analytics & Insights

We understand that Business Analytics is here to stay and hence help organizations to rely less on “gut” instincts and transitioning to adopting  the value of predictive analytic techniques, combined with real-time data updates, for dynamic decision-making. 

As a tool for gaining insights into client organisations for a competitive edge we; 

  • Integrate and analyse multiple data sources into coherent and actionable information
  • Enable fact based decision making around human capital and demonstrate the real economic value of HR programs
  • Apply the financial disciplines to the workforce in the same way it is done for other business areas such as supply chain or marketing

Strategic Workforce Planning

We  help create actions to address labour gaps for clients to execute long term business strategy by.

  • Reviewing the impact of critical business drivers on internal human capital need
  • Integrating external labour market data to understand the client’s full labour outlook
  • Utilising predictive analytics to determine the optimal interventions required to close identified gaps in people capability, quantity, quality and timing
  • Transforming the HR function from being reactive to a predictive and visionary function that is a real contributor to business direction

Remuneration Design

We set the structure of pay and incentive programs for clients to provide appropriate reward for great business results.We

  • Review existing pay structures to identify opportunities for improvement in how clients effectively and efficiently compete in the market for talent
  • Establish the remuneration strategy needed to support strategic and operational business objectives
  • Create Short Term Incentive (STI) plans that grab employee attention and are useful management tools over many years
  • Create Long Term Incentives (LTI) that clients use to align employee wealth with company value creation