We are a management firm that helps our clients make smarter workforce decisions by leveraging analytics and strategic human capital planning. We are set apart by our interdisciplinary symbiosis of HR and Data Science. We measure, observe and analyse. We listen, interpret and recommend. 

Our paramount objective is to build HR analytics that reflect the strategic effect of people investments on the performance of organizations. We collaborate with our clients to set a higher ambition for strategic HR intelligence, leading complex consultative projects and strategy meetings to solve their people problems.

With headquarters in Nairobi and a presence in Kenya we are focused on lifting Africa’s Corporate approach to people management as well as helping organizations transition from .

Building on successful projects, we have extensive knowledge and experience in helping businesses from any industry.  We collaborate with our clients to ensure that the solutions provided by GMC result in action and ultimate business success. 


Focused. Doing it right. 


To help organizations make data driven decision making, a reality.


To be known for the quality of our services and the integrity of our relationships.